SOC Upped after Uninvited Comment on “Soil Syst. 2018, 2, 64”

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Not just the Marine Mafia/Media distorts the truth ( The underground “Soil Community”, familiarly known as the “sods”, also lies thickly & deeply, partly by omission. They are cowardly too to not fight against the marine, atmospheric or forestry cliques that misappropriate funds & media attention. Why are they like this? A reason may be that powerful chemical companies fund 99.9% of the science & media ‘advertizing’ so no dissent is allowed (their lobby groups also massively sponsor universities and politicians who direct allocations of our tax dollars). Talks at Soil Ecology Societies or Climate meetings that I attended were by Syngenta $hills or bought-off Bayer/Dow reps. And their greatest threat is not the Marine Mafia, etc., rather it is organic farming. Organic farming rebuilds healthy soil and healthy food for healthy humans, for free. More importantly it gives control back to the farmers who no longer need their expensive synthetic fertilizers and the biocides that are further required when these fertilizers disrupt mycorrhiza & microbes (and earthworms) that do all the true & honest work in soils in synchronized co-evolution with plants’ needs. Farming communities also get sicker quicker being more exposed to the toxins & carcinogens than most consumers; then they must seek expensive drugs & medicines that the self-same chemical companies (or their spinoffs) hawk. Many soil workers (some my farmer friends or research colleagues) suffer or have died from Parkinson’s, leukemia or other cancers as well as having allergies and often multiple other physical or mental health issues. For cancer rates see – .

Yet hope is in the slow but steady general realization that we are being lied to, and that soil is and always was the greatest carbon store offering the best & only way to sequester atmospheric CO2 in what is called Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), more properly “organic farming“. At the same time the poor health outcomes of agrichemical toxins are increasingly exposed with glyphosate herbicide now ubiquitous in the air & water as well as in food & soil (e.g. threatening all life on Earth. It is also implicated in human breast cancer that affects an increasing number of us consumers (Stur et al. 2019 – This just as Giles Seralini proved in 2012 whilst later showing how control groups’ food was contaminated since glyphosate is so pervasive ( But don’t just take my word for it, read letter and comments by about 1,000 other Scientists/parents –

The affected public may help decide the issue rather than endlessly corrupted scientific debate: lawsuits in the USA alone may exceed 45,000 cases (Ref.). Already, just in USA and just for one formulation (glyphosate / Roundup) and just one cancer (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma), three cases prevailed (>$2 billion damages awarded) and another 45,000 trials are scheduled. This pernicious toxin is reported to cause many other diseases and disruptions to the soil ecosystem. AIEA Newsletter (Dec. 2019, Ref.) says: “In Sri Lanka 400,000 people are suffering from chronic kidney disease, out of which some 25,000 have died. The disease is related to heavy metals in drinking water in combination with glyphosate use. A group of farmer organizations, researchers, patients and the families of deceased farmers are set to take Bayer – Monsanto and other glyphosate herbicide manufacturers to the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.” Other trials are scheduled for Canada, Europe & Australia and will doubtless spread as almost no one is personally unaffected.

[Update in Jan., 2020 is that up to 100,000 cancer plaintiffs are now suing and the trials will continue until all the chemical companies pay their long-overdue dues –].

Whether or not this portends the demise of chemical agriculture is moot, but the justification for agrichemical poisoning our Earth fails at every turn ( Only the immediate restoration of organic husbandry can save Nature & Civilization. It is that crucial & urgent. True Scientists must continue to serve the mantras: “Tell the Truth” and “Do no harm” only then can the public rebuild trust in what all applied research should be: disinterestedly noble not vestedly base. Perhaps a better Science motto & ambition may be – “Do only good“? There is still time.

I concur with a need for: “Change of societal philosophy to one of scientific risk management and biological sustainability with complete cessation of species extinctions and zero tolerance for lying” (Ref.). A good start would be to redirect all funding from chemical agriculture to healthy organic research & extension. Also to defer funds for abysmal marine researchers who constantly lie to get funds, e.g. about the amount of food ocean supplies (truly <0.5%) or that it provides us our daily oxygen. Funded people such as Sylvia Earle say >50% or even 80%, but proper Science e.g. Duursma & Boission (1994: tab. 2) has annual photosynthetic oxygen contribution from soil & sea combined as just 0.01% per year and turnover time for O2 in the order of 10,000 yrs!! Only approximately 1% of the world’s oxygen, for example, is in the oceans (Houghton 2007: 315), possibly less than in worm burrows that may extend 8,880 km/ha in pasture (Ref.:10). Also we urgently need to cancel all astronomically expensive and speculative space exploration until we have begun to fix the tangible problems closer to home, especially extinction of our unique biota and loss of our basic survival blanket:- a thin brown layer of soil here on Earth and its earthworm denizens that do much work. As I already paraphrased: “No brown, no green”.

January 2020 update

As Australia, the first continent victim of Climate Change (as in Mid East & much of east and southern Africa), burns or floods. It gives no satisfaction that this disaster demonstrates what scientists have been predicting for decades and is now too late to fix. Only damage control is possible by radical life-style and governance changes: The least painless of which are reducing meat and reversing chemical farming. The huge bushfires in Asia, Amazon and Australia further demonstrate that reforestation is not always a solution: Trees can burn setting progress back centuries. Neither is “biochar” charcoal: This poisons soil and offers zero advantage over proven compost. The only reliable restoration possible is organic vermicompost recycling with carbon storage in earthworm-worked soil humus. This humus is what urgently needs broad restoration and is what intensive, chemical agriculture has succeed in depleting around the globe in the last century (self-serving the chemical companies as depleted soils require more and more synthetics to produce diminishing crops before fields are abandoned as desert).

Earthworms help process soil & store moisture in rich humus so that moist yet well-drained soils don’t burn nor flood nor blow away.

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