Tale of Two Sitis… VermEcology in India

Please click here for full article (pdf): – A TALE of TWO SITIS




2 thoughts on “Tale of Two Sitis… VermEcology in India

  1. Greetings….

    I have read your article entitled ‘ A tale of Two Sitis’ . I remember Sir Albert Howard, father of organic farming. Mainly his contribution on composting, He developed an Indore Process of Composting.

    The farmers in India, are using chemical fertilizers – mainly for N- P – K., and Chemical pesticides to control insect pests and diseases on crops. The farmers are not applying Farm Yard Manure , and Compost in the field . They are depending on chemical fertilizers.

    But, few farmers are doing Natural Farming. One farmer can do farming in 30 acres with one local cow only . He must collect cow dung and urine to prepare the compost known as ‘ Jeevamrutha’. Sri Subhash Palekar has developed this Zero Budget Natural Farming.

    I know city Bhopal – Union Carbide – IISS., I have written many letters to IISS., requesting them to send literature on Compost preparation. No reply from them.

    After reading your article I am writing this letter.

    With regards,




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